Teaching Experience

I babysat and worked as a camp counselor from a relatively young age. I specialized in teaching drama and all kind of sports and games. When I babysat, I often enjoyed playing school with my charges.

After I graduated from college, I spent a year as a paralegal before I decided to try teaching. I worked in a private Quaker school in Brooklyn teaching French, teaching in the afterschool program, and being an on-call sub for the entire school. I was really glad for that experience--it was a great introduction to teaching, but I decided that I wanted to teach in the public schools, so I got a master's degree with credentials in ESL and Social Studies. I interned in Fairfax County PS and student taught in junior and high school in DCPS.

After that, I taught in a high school in DCPS for a few years and then in Albemarle County, Virginia, for five more. I taught ESL at all levels and a variety of social studies courses. I spent one summer teaching elementary ESL, but other than that I was exclusively in secondary schools.

For my next teaching gigs I was employed outside of public school districts, by private non-profits. I taught in Head Start classrooms for a year (teaching a specific curriculum), I taught ESL and life skills to adults, and I taught a writing class, also to adults. For the past two years, I was a lead teacher in a private preschool.

In the fall of 2014, I begin a PhD program and graduate assistantship in Educational Leadership and Policy at Virginia Commonwealth University and in August 2018, I finally finished. I was a member of my department as an adjunct for a semester, teaching Politics of Education. I am currently teaching full-time--U.S. & Virginia Government to (public) high school seniors.

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